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xgalaxygirlx's Journal

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26 December
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i'm a twenty-one-year-old girl in nashvegas. i'm a huge predators fan, and an aspiring photographer (i'm majoring in it at mtsu). my addictions include: hockey, camel lights (sadly), dr. pepper (makes the world taste better!), days of our lives, passions, late night with conan o'brien, the crocodile hunter, pink floyd, and a whole bunch of other shit.
ani difranco, apples in stereo, ash, atom and his package, beastie boys, beatles, beck, beethoven, being john malkovich, ben folds five, bjork, black heart procession, black uhuru, blind melon, blondie, bob dylan, bob marley, boysetsfire, built to spill, chris isaak, cibo matto, code seven, coen brothers, corona, courtney love, dalmatians, daria, david bowie, david lynch, dead alive, dead milkmen, devo, dido, don caballero, dr. pepper, edward gorey, ella fitzgerald, elliott smith, eraserhead, evil dead, fight club, fiona apple, fleetwood mac, flight of the navigator, flip flops, flipper, food not bombs, four rooms, free kitten, get up kids, godspeed you black emperor, harold and maude, high fidelity, hockey, hole, iggy pop, jeff buckley, jello biafra, jim morrison, jimi hendrix, joe marc's brother, john cusack, john lennon, john waters, johnny cash, kahlil gibran, kevin smith, kids in the hall, kmfdm, kurt vonnegut, lambchop, lauryn hill, lawrence ferlinghetti, lee scratch perry, lenny kravitz, leonard cohen, lifeboy, liz phair, lolita, madonna, man... or astroman?, miss dynamite, modest mouse, nashville predators, natasha lyonne, neurosis, neutral milk hotel, nick cave, nick drake, nine inch nails, nirvana, outkast, owen wilson, pearl jam, photography, pink floyd, pj harvey, poe, portishead, prodigy, pulp fiction, radiohead, rage against the machine, ravi shankar, ren and stimpy, reservoir dogs, robert frank, rocky horror picture show, roy orbison, rushmore, say anything, sctv, seinfeld, self, sigur ros, silent friction, silent night deadly night, simpsons, snood, sonic youth, soundgarden, south park, spongebob squarepants, stanley kubrick, suburbia, tank girl, the big lebowski, the breakfast club, the breeders, the cars, the critic, the doors, the features, the katies, the matrix, the mob, the pixies, the smiths, the vaselines, thomas harris, tom waits, tool, tori amos, tricky, vladimir nabokov, weezer, wes anderson, will and grace, wonder boys, zounds

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